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Lea Banchereau is a French/German photographer and videographer based in NYC.

She focuses on 35mm and medium format film photography and shoots short films as social commentaries.

Her work was published in Vogue, L'Officiel, Byrdie, and more. 

Selected works were on view in galleries in Rome, Mamaroneck, New York City and in Venice during the

Venice Biennale 2022.

Her short film 'Le Vice' has been nominated for the 10th Annual Queens World Film Festival,

the 2020 New York New Filmmakers Festival, as well as the 2020 New York World Film Festival,

and won the 2020 International Women's Film Festival (IWFF)

artist statement

'I like to think of my work as going back to the very origins of photography. The literal meaning of the word photography is “drawing with light”, and in most of my photos, my subject is just that - the light. I shoot everything on film and love exploring the relationship between light and shadow.


In my work, light and shadow are two opposing forces that, when combined, create a setting where the viewer can choose which of the two forces best represents their current state of mind.'

Self portrait on 35mm film.

'I got my first film camera when I turned 16 and still use the same camera to this day.'

'I love to go through photography books for inspiration. Some of my favorite photographers are Raymond, Callahan, Dawid, Sugimoto, Pierrot...'

Photography Books
Photography Prints
Photography Prints

'I make all my prints myself in Brooklyn. All my images are printed on handmade paper, making each print one of a kind.'

'I love to display my prints in wooden frames. The natural color of the wood compliments the black and white nature of the prints.'

Photographs framed

group shows

june 2020 'isolated. living yourself' at gallery millepiani (rome, italy)

december 2021 'holiday art card show' at 31 W 26 (new york, usa)

dec 2021 - mar 2022 'shim/darkroom: winter 2021' at jill krutick fine art gallery (mamaroneck, usa)

april 2022 'ukraine fundraiser show' at atlantic gallery (new york, usa)

july 2022 'exquisite corpse/venice biennale' at centro espositivo (venice, italy)

jul 2022 - aug 2022 ' discovery' online show (

august 2022 'shim/photography' at atlantic gallery (new york, usa)

september 2022 'fall 22 art card show' at jill krutick fine art gallery (mamaroneck, usa)

nov - dec 2022 'shim / aqua art fairat art basel miami (miami, usa)

feb - mar 2023 'black and white group exhibitiononline show (f-stop magazine)

may 2023 'visual voices' at galerie joseph le palais (paris, france)

june 2023 'exquisite codes' at bla-bla projektraum (berlin, germany)

solo show

april 2023 'botanic' at soho photo gallery (new york, usa)

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